This information refers to a past edition (March 2023).
Please give us your e-mail so we can update you then details for March 2024 are available.

You never got tired of Bear Carnival, because never two editions are the same!  Every single year we change the whole theme of the event, survey our visitors and gather all those ideas into a completely new programme for the next edition. And this year is no exception! 

What's new?

  • New Bear Wellness Experience (2 days just before the bear week, in a private mountain retreat)
  • New gatherings on the beach (including a paella lunch by the sea)
  • Events for singles are back! Singles reception, Speed Dating and Single No More drag show.
  • New Content Creators Hub: a pool party and filming set with the bearlebrities!
  • New Foam Party (within Wet & Hairy)
  • New events for foodies: bears & wine, bears & coffee, bears & paella and a visit to Maspalomas new Gastro Market.
  • New events at Holiday World amusement park: funfair and bowling!
  • New Bearaoke night
  • New singlet/lycra night 
  • New Spanish Night for the Spanish-speaking crowd (and their friends!)
  • New Circus carnival party (of course!)
  • Due to high demand: two tantra workshops and three spa evenings (maybe more)
  • New bars, clubs and sexclubs added 
  • And all this, while keeping 99% of the previous calendar!