Bear fun under the Sun!

Bears in Maspalomas Beach

After the 90s, Gran Canaria naturally became a “bear island” as twinks and waxed muscle maries started to lose interest in favor of more “fashionable” places, such as Ibiza or Mykonos. Maspalomas Pride still attracts a massive younger and most diverse crowd. But for the rest of the year, the common age range of visitors spans from 30 to 50, and their usual attitude is… well, nonexistent. The bear and masculine scene in Gran Canaria feels warmer than the equivalent in any big capital. Maybe it’s because all the patrons are on holidays… but the inclusive and easy-going nature of gay bears is especially obvious in the island, no matter if you are in a fab beach club or a hardcore sex bar. By the way, let’s visit just some of the milestones along Maspalomas bear route! All of them are on walking distance inside the gay district.

Normally you’ll spend your mornings at the beach, though one day you may try the swimming pool of a gay complex, such as the laid-back Los Almendros, or Basement Studios if you’re feeling more adventurous (it also doubles as an open-air daytime nudist sexclub!)  Later on, many bears gather at Café Wien, in the Cita Centre’s 1st floor. The former is the classic meeting point. You can’t miss the priceless contrast between the macho crowd and the incredibly camp décor. The most popular hours are from 4 to 6 PM, when they usually run out of their remarkable cakes. 

After a shower and some dinner, the bear route continues with a first drink at an intimate terrace bar called Bärenhöhle… Keep calm about the name and just say “Barenhole”; you’ll be equally understood! The name means “bear cave”, and inside it you will enjoy the charming manners of the owner, Paul, together with his hilarious music compilations and astounding teddy bear collection… He’s got hundreds of them, each one with a story behind! At midnight, ursine hordes take over several bars men-only bars. They’re all the typical nightclubs with good house music, and a gleeful colour scheme of black in every possible shade. If you’re feeling horny, at 1 AM you can look for someone to rub your fur with at a sexclub. The most popular ones among bears are BunkerZoo and Reds, just meters away from the previous bars. Finally, unless there’s any special late night event around, our bears go back to their dens around 4 AM at the latest. They usually prefer to enjoy outdoor activities early next day, such as visiting the Dunes or joining a gay cruise or a gay excursion to the mountains

Bears in Maspalomas Beach

Above, some pics from our first editions