All inclusive pricing

Transport from/to Maspalomas + room + food + drinks + workshops

The following prices were valid for 2023’s edition. Prices for 2024 will be confirmed soon, but should not be too different.

Single occupancy: 255 € per person

Double room for individual use (likely an interior one with no en-suite bathroom). Ideal for solo travelers looking for privacy. Please note last two single occupancy bookings may share the same bathroom.

Double occupancy: 185 € per person

If you are a couple sharing the same room, please book two of this (total cost: 370 €).

If you are a solo traveler, you can still book one of this. It's 70 € cheaper than a single occupancy room, but you will share the room with a random guest in the same situation (large room with separate superking-size beds).

We also have options for triads and groups; please read below.

Free upgrades for early bookings!

Even when all rooms are very nice, first bookings will get the most desirable ones, for example with best views and en-suite bathrooms*

* Please note:

Bathrooms: all double occupancy bathrooms are for exclusive use for only one double occupancy room. There are two categories: en-suite bathrooms and private bathroom just meters away. 

Triads and groups: some of the rooms feature two super king-sized beds, comfortably sleeping up to 4 men. If you need one, please book soon using the “group” option. 

Can I ask for a refund?

Yes, but only in you have access to your ticket, and one of these cases apply: event postponing / cancellation, official weather alert stopping guests from accessing, or travel restrictions from / to your country. A cancellation fee of 15 € per bookings may apply, just to cover the expenses of the administration and the payment gateway. Otherwise, all sales are final; situations such as personal problems or a change of mind should be covered by an inexpensive travel insurance you can get anywhere.