• Is any previous knowledge necessary? No. All workshops will be taught at an introductory level
  • Is there any physical requirement for yoga or other exercises? Not really. Any man able to get up from the floor, climb a regular stair and stretch a little bit qualifies for the workshops. The premises are not fully accessible for people with reduced mobility because of the rural nature of the original countryhouse (sorry for that).
  • What is a “tantra workshop”? Tantra is an ancient Indian discipline that uses the healing power of touch to balance your body and mind. It works miracles to unblock emotional issues and insecurities, as any attendant to our previous workshops will tell you. 


  • Is this just for bears? No, but you should be at least comfortable in the company of gay bears. Chasers and admirers are of course very welcome, as in any Bear Carnival event.
  • Is this just for vegetarians? No. Actually, we ask vegetarians and vegans to state their diet at booking time. You will not be hungry no matter your food preference. However, you will also discover how easy, healthy and tasty can a vegan-friendly dinner be!
  • Can I ask for a special diet because of my allergies? Yes, of course. It’s essential that you inform us at booking time using the remarks field. Please note people with severe intolerance to gluten should not attend the retreat, as Aya House only has one kitchen so traces of gluten could be unavoidable.

⏳Your time here

  • Is nudity compulsory? No. You can wear whatever suits you, from a light sarong to comfy sports kit. However, most if not all visitors to Aya House usually choose to go naked after few hours in the premises.
  • Is this basically a sex event? This is not a sex event per se. But of course, sex could be be part of your experience if you enjoy some mutual attraction from other guests, as would happen in any holiday surrounded with such freedom. However, we do encourage visitors to practise and share a more fulfilling type of tactile communication and eroticism, as learnt in the workshops. For this, an indoor group play area with beds will be open.
  • Is attendance to all workshops compulsory? No. You can spend your holiday time as you wish.
  • Can I leave the house if I need to? Of course. You can call a taxi and you will be in Maspalomas in 10 minutes.

📋Practical information

  • What should I bring? Nothing special, really, apart from flip-flops, sun cream and a beach towel. All materials for the workshops are included in the price. 
  • Can I take photos? Due to the clothing optional and discreet nature of this event, photography in general is discouraged. Given the case, anyone taking a picture should ask for permission from everybody around.
  • How does free transport work? We will pick you up at 15:30 on Thursday 16 from Holiday World‘s main door (Finnair Avenue).  It is an amusement park with a huge sign visible from the whole Maspalomas.  We are sorry not to pick you up from Yumbo Centre or any other place in Playa del Inglés, due to possible traffic restrictions during Maspalomas Carnival week. On our way back, we will do our best to take you to the centre of the resort.
  • How much would a taxi cost? From Maspalomas, around 14 €. From the airport: 55/60 € (regular daytime fee).

❓About us?

  • Who’s behind this event? It’s a team effort. Bear Carnival designed the event concept and manages the advertising and bookings. Aya House is responsible for the premises, insurance and all on-site services. However,  Arnie Vargas, an experienced therapist coming from the USA, is the actual coordinator and the man in charge regarding the event. He has been teaching our successful bear tantra workshops since Bear Carnival 2018.
  • What about safety? Aya House is a registered business and it is covered by an civil liability insurance. Any sort of drug or alcohol intoxication is not permitted. Maspalomas Public Health Centre is less than 8 km away from Aya House.

💸 Can I ask for a refund?

Yes, but only in you have access to your ticket, and one of these cases apply: event postponing / cancellation, official weather alert stopping guests from accessing, or travel restrictions from / to your country. A cancellation fee of 15 € per bookings may apply, just to cover the expenses of the administration and the payment gateway. Otherwise, all sales are final; situations such as personal problems, a change of mind or disagreeable weather forecast should be covered by an inexpensive travel insurance you can get anywhere.