Programme Preview for March 2023

A more detailed version with all confimed venues names will follow soon!

What's new in 2023?

  • New Bear Wellness Experience (2 days just before the bear week, in a private mountain retreat)
  • New gatherings on the beach (including a paella party by the sea)
  • Events for singles are back!
  • New mid-week pool party at Tropical La Zona
  • New themed event: funfair and gastromarket at Holiday World 
  • New Bearaoke night
  • New singlet/lycra night 
  • National events for non-native English speakers to better socialize.
  • New Circus carnival party (of course!)
  • Due to high demand: two tantra workshops and three spa evenings
  • New island tour: coffee plantation (Agaete Valley)
  • New comedy drag show (to be confirmed)
  • New sexclubs added (to be confirmed)
  • And all this, while keeping 99% of the previous calendar! 

How can i get my tickets?

The online shop for 2023 is still not open. Make sure you join the mail list so we can update you when tickets are available.

Official poster for Bear Carnival 2022

Where to stay?

Official accommodation has not changed from previous editions. Actually, all official hotels and bungalows are reporting lots of bookings for the bear week, as expected. Please secure your room now if you are planning to come!

Dates for next year:
March 18-26, 2023

Don’t worry too much if you couldn’t make it this year!  Everything should be easier, better and hotter next year! We advise you to book book your room before prices go sky high!