What’s The Programme About?

  • Regular events at terrace barspubscruising clubs (!) and pools, including Europe’s biggest bear pool party.
  • Boat Cruises. Imagine hundreds of bears and friends dressed in disguise, partying… on a huge catamaran and floating disco, sailing along the coast!
  • Carnival themed events. Most bears gets a costume or at least a hat, so don’t be shy! We have a different theme every year. 2023’s one is the circus, so expect from strongmen to bearded women, and everything between! 
  • Signature events difficult to find at other bear weeks around, such as our waterpark excursion, cheese & wine tastings, scenic tours, neon beards party, bear tantra workshop, XXX bear cruise, singles and dating parties…

Do you offer travel packs?

No. We don’t sell flight tickets, but our airport (code: “LPA”) is a major international hub. You will find no problem to get here. 

Where should I stay?

Regarding accommodation, we don’t directly sell rooms, but we recommend to gather at specific, official bungalows and aparments, where some of the official events also take place. Please visit our accommodation page for more info. As official accommodation sell out quickly, any aparment not too far from Yumbo Centre in Playa del Inglés could do it. Bungalows in futher away districts like Maspalomas and San Agustín may not be within walkable distance from our events, but fear not: taxi service is fast, readily available and very cheap here. But whatever the area, please book in advance to avoid dissapointment and high prices!

Is is compulsory to buy tickets in advance? 

Short anwer: no. Actually, many events are free to enter. However, online booking is essential for some of the most popular events.

Long answer: unlike some other bear events, there is not one single pass or ticket allowing you to access our whole bear week.  The programme features nearly 40 events (!), and you have complete freedom to choose which ones do you want to attend. 

Bookable events are highlighted with a shopping cart icon on the programme. But also many casual events don’t need any kind of booking or planning. So what to do? Let us explain. Our events can be divided in these categories:

  • Free access events. No online booking available or necessary. Say, for example, a costume party at Kiki o the daily bear pub crawl. 
  • Paid access but no booking necessary. Cruising clubs in the programme fall in this category. Just pay at the door and you’re in (usually a free drink is included).
  • Booking is recommended. Pool parties are a good example. Yes, you can usually get a ticket at the door, but access is never guaranteed. Actually we sold out all pool parties in the last edition.
  • Booking is essential. Boat cruises, spa evenings and island tours are the best way to mingle while discovering a fascinating destination… but that’s why these signature events sell out every single year weeks before the event. Official T-Shirts also dissapear quickly.
So, once the final programme is out and we start taking bookings, please get to our online shop and get your tickets! Click on the following links to be notified:

What’s a VIP wristband?

It’s an optional 10-euro, soft-touch and stylish wristband giving you discounts on many venues and events. It is also a sort of a priority pass ensuring you can quickly access some of the most popular events on the programme. You can book it online (very recommended) or buy it once here if we still have stock.  If you plan to stay for most of the week and attend more than one ticketed event, it’s well worth it. It also helps paying for the costs of our volunteers, and funding our next edition. 

Is this a sex event?

Not as such. Our bear week includes around 40 events, including social events, fun events, relaxing events… and also daily cruising events where meeting likeminded men is probably easier. Those events are clearly identified in red on the programme. 

Please note we must encourage all safety recommendations, but what is done between consenting adults at  independently managed premises is beyond our control.

Any nudist event?

We haven’t got any strictly nude event, but we offer a wide range of clothing-optional parties.  These include some relaxing events such as all spa evenings, all boat trips, all pool parties (except AxelBeach’s one), the tantra workshop…but also all the cruising parties, of course. They are clearly marked as “clothing optional” on the programme with a question mark icon.


Is this just for bears? Will I fit in?

Our surveys show the most appreciated trait of Bear Carnival (and Gran Canaria in general) is the complete lack of attitude. Trust us, the usual divides of other events do not exist here, and no one feels excluded because of his body or age, for example.

There are so many social events (biggest bear social programme in Europe, actually) that it’s nearly impossible not to fit in and meet new friends.  

I’m a solo traveler. Will I fit in?

Yes. 52% of the ticket orders at our online shop are placed by solo travellers, so you get the idea. 

How is that? Our bear week is probably the most social bear event in Europe. For the same reason, Bear Carnival is the ideal bear week for a first contact with this kind of event. 

How did we get that? 

  • Not limiting our experience to drinking/clubbing/f*cking/showoff/catwalk events 
  • Organizing many fun open-air daytime events
  • Offering smaller social gatherings where mingling is much easier: from the island tours and spa evenings, to the singles reception or the speed dating party. 

If you still feel insecure about coming, please enter our anonymous visitor chat at Telegram and ask bears about the reasons they are coming for. You will see the main one is meeting new friends such as you! Actually, it’s this chat is also good to get some possible contacts in advance, to explore the bear week with.

I dislike carnivals. Do I have to Wear A Costume?

None of the parties has a costume dresscode. You would be very welcome with your costume (or uniform, or fetish gear!) at carnival parties, which are marked with a “mask” icon on the programme. The suggested theme for Bear Carnival 2023 is “the circus”, so any elastic, extravagant or funny outfit will help at looking as a credible circus character 😉  Anyway, accessories and costumes will be available for purchase at our official fancy dress shop: Party Party, in Tirajana Avenue (Aloe Apartments, just a 5 mins walk fom Yumbo Centre). Just ask for Bear Carnival discount

Other costumes shops in the area are Bazar Ani and Carolan. 

How Many Guys Do Attend?

2.000 new visitors (that is, on top of our huge local community) attended our latest edition. This is not the usual hype or imaginary number, but a proper statistical study based on geo-located app activity.

I don’t want to appear on any photo!

Please just wear any lanyard on your neck. Our photographer will not take a photo of any man wearing a lanyard on his neck, at least not without consulting him first. And if someone is accidentally photographed with a lanyard on, the picture will be discarded, or at least he will be digitally obscured before publishing. We will have some free lanyards at the Info-Kiosk and at tthe reception of the bigger parties, if needed. 

I have a question about tickets

The most usual question is: do I have to buy a ticket for an event taking place at my hotel? The answer is no: you only need to show your key card at the reception desk of the party, and you are in.

More specific ticket-related questions are answered at the FAQ page of our ticket shop (when online)

What are the dates for 2024?

Please subscribe to our newsletter so we can update you. We only use that mailing list to inform on upcoming event dates and when tickets are available (only 2-3 messages per year, really). Anyway, our usual schedule is:
  • Dates and official accommodation: 1 year before the event (always in late March)
  • Provisional programme: 2-3 months before. This year we will try to be earlier on this.
  • Final programme (only minor changes): 3-4 weeks before
  • Tickets available: 1-2 weeks before. We will try to increase this, especially for the more sought after events.
If you don’t want to register with your e-mail address, please follow us on social media at least, so we can update you. Our main channels are our generic Facebook page, our Facebook visitor group and our official Telegram group.

Do you still have any doubt?

Please contact us.