If you cannot attend an event and you lack of a travel insurance to cover your expenses, maybe we can help. Tickets are not nominative so they can be easily resold to other visitor.

INSTRUCTIONS. First log into your account with the same e-mail and password you used to buy your ticket. Then visit this page again, and click on edit item and then new item buttons on the table below. Enter the basic data of your ticket. If the event is not sold out yet, we recommend you to lower the price in comparison with the still available ticket, so your chances of reselling are increased. Once submitted, your listing will be instantly available. We will also tell our visitors in the official Facebook group, and those users who subscribed to relevant event waitlists. Once you have already sold your tickets, please contact us so we can delete your listing and reduce the available stock. Thanks!

EventNumber of ticketsPrice PER TICKET (€)NameArrival date to GCE-mailRemarks

PAYMENT METHODS. Cash in person is possible if you are still attending the bear week. Otherwise a free Paypal account should make the transaction very easy. If you prefer a specialized online service (for a 15-20% commision), you can try TicketSwap and Twickets. You are free to add a listing here including a link to your offer at those services.

VIP TICKETS SOLD TO NON VIP CUSTOMERS. If a buyer with no VIP wristband is interested in your VIP tickets, please let us us know in advance so we can help. We will send him a promo code by e-mail so he can book a VIP wristband for free.

DISCLAIMER. This a free and merely informative service provided by Bear Carnival to our visitors. We accept no liability whatsoever regarding private transactions among them. This table will be deleted after the bear week, of course. By using this feature you agree with our privacy policy.