Bear Carnival 2022: March 26 – April 3

Information on both Bear Carnival 2021 and 2022. Updated on January 23th 2021


Bear Carnival 2021 is happening in March 12-21 for those able to fly from a country which is not banning holiday travel… However, there will be no programme or planned events at all once here. Think of a quiet and relaxed holiday under the Sun with some unformal, very small and safe gatherings on the beach and other open-air spaces, according to demand and observing COVID19 measures at all times.

On the other hand, Bear Carnival 2022 will be held from Saturday March 26th to Sunday April 3rd. Carnival theme will still be “Greeks and Romans” (third time lucky!) and tickets purchased for 2020 will be valid for equivalent events in 2022.

So what’s exacly happening to 2021’s edition?

There will be no programme, but we are not letting down those able to fly here for a much needed relaxing holiday. As previously stated, bears keeping their bookings for March 2021 will be taken care of with travel tips and suggestions for small and safe outdoor gatherings on the beach, swimming pools and open-air venues, always according to visitor requests, availability and COVID19 regulations. We will coordinate these visitors as a free service (no tickets being sold) using our official website, Facebook group, and a new and specific Telegram group. The later is highly recommended for those visiting the island this March (feel free to join now).

And what can we expect for 2022?

In March 2020, we lovingly put together the biggest bear programme Europe had ever seen. We broke all pre-sale records back then, and we expect nothing less for 2022Highlights should include: 

  • Wet & Hairy massive bear pool party
  • Bear boat parties and cruises
  • Island tours
  • Roman carnival nights (including toga party!)
  • Luxury spa sessions
  • Bear pub crawls
  • Waterpark group excursion
  • Bearbeques
  • Our legendary bear sex parties!
  • And of course our signature shows featuring Paul Middleton, Pete Statham, the unavoidable Doctor Woof and our set of bear DJs!

“Intended” programme. Given your huge interest in our plans for 2022, we are now offering an intended, unconfirmed programme below. Please note this is not even a “provisional” programme. It’s  just a transposition of 2020’s programme onto 2022’s dates. We hope every business that got aboard for 2020 will still be available for 2022, but it’s impossible to be sure. So please don’t plan anything around this schedule yet. Anyway, it could prove useful for those bears still unfamiliar to our bear week concept.

Official poster for Bear Carnival 2022


Official accommodation will not change. However, some online booking systems may not provide reservations more than a year in advance. If that’s the case, please contact your preferred hotel by e-mail.

And remember: no matter what you choose, we’ll be here for you! 
Bear hugs from the team!