Bear Carnival 2020 is hibernating

Official statement on the postponent of our bear week. Updated on 15/03/2020, 23:05 (GMT)

We almost broke a record with Bear Carnival 2020. We were about to start a bear week with every major event sold out, welcoming visitors from 33 different countries to our greatest community event ever. However, the COVID-19 pandemic has forced us to hibernate for some months.  Of course, this has financially hit both our event and our charity. But don’t worry: the continuity of our bear events and charitable giving are assured.


We are offering our visiting friends the following alternatives to our March event:

  • Bear Carnival 2020 will be postponed to a new edition next year, with an identical programme, same official accommodation and the same carnival theme (save your togas!). Provisional date is March 12-21, 2021.

  • As a sort of compensation for this rescheduling, we will also organize a new bear weekend next Summer 2020, probably including a pool party, a cruise, a tour, some funny parties at the bear bars… Most likely date is August 7-9, 2020, as part of Maspalomas Summer Fiesta (a local LGBT festival).

  • In both cases, we will properly confirm dates when the pandemic is over and the tourist business is up and running again. It is more important than ever that you subscribe to our newsletter, so we can update you. We send a couple of messages per year, only to announce the dates of our upcoming events, and when are tickets available.


As the programme will not change on Bear Carnival’s next edition, all your tickets are still valid. They will just be automatically exchanged for new tickets for the same events in Summer 2020 or March 2021, according to your preference. We found this favorable for you as you would be spared from:

  • the usual booking rush
  • the usual sold-out events
  • the likely price increase on next edition

Keeping your tickets for an upcoming edition is the best way of supporting us at this difficult time. Actually we have received refund requests for a minority of the orders, something we are deeply grateful for.

But of course you are given the chance of a refund till December 1st, 2020 if this is essential for you. We are offering a refund request form for those cases. Even if we can process your refund in few days, please note that your money can take up to one month to get back to your bank account, because of banks and payment gateways working with minimum staff right now.


Physical items (VIP wristbands and T-Shirts) will be available for collection or mail shipping after the pandemic is over. Refunds are not available for these two items. as they were printed on demand and they are still valid as we’ll explain below:

  • VIP wristbands will be valid for any of events announced above. Local collection from a designated point will be available.
  • T-Shirts will have multiple options for collection:
    • They can be locally collected anytime till Bear Carnival 2021, or even later if asked before.
    • They can be delivered to your hotel in Maspalomas for free on your next holiday.
    • You can also name anyone else to collect it on your behalf.
    • Mail delivery is also an option. Handling would be free. Shipping cost will be confirmed when Spanish Post Service is reachable again, but should be around 12-15 € for Europe and 15-20 € for most other countries. Please contact us when you are ready to collect your shirt or have it sent by mail. In the later case, we will need your full address of course, and we would answer with a payment link for shipping costs.
Thanks very much for your support, comprehension and amazing feedback. You’re amazing, guys!
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Teror's Main Street


Our capital city Las Palmas de Gran Canaria was founded before America was discovered, and it was a key stop in the colonization route. Get to know the roots of Latin American colonial art on a stroll down the historical quarter of the city, including the Cathedral and a guided visit to the House of Columbus, home to an excellent exhibition on the Discovery. We will have lunch at charming restaurant and then cross the northern lush valleys and get to Teror for a short walk around its historical streets, flanked by noble Canarian houses and religious monuments. We will finish our excursion at the impressive “Black Cathedral” in Arucas, made out of volcanic stone.

Menu will be published soon.