Bear Carnival 2022: March 26 – April 3

Updated on Jan 7th, 2022


As you all know, Bear Carnival 2022 should be starting next March 26th. Vaccination rate in our country is one of the highest ones in the World. However, COVID-19 is still among us after two years, so a “final” or “confirmed” programme would still make no sense at all.


We don’t know if the current pandemic wave will be the last or not, but please trust us: we haven’t lost a bit of our hope and eagerness to reunite with our bear friends under our subtropical sun. 

So Bear Carnival 2022 will be whatever it is allowed to be, within the safety limits put in place by the authorities. 


We want to give you some honest forecast about what to expect as of today:  


  • Most open-air terraces and clubs have confirmed their presence on our programme. The maximum capacity of venues may vary according to the situation.

  • A pool party at AxelBeach is being planned and is also confirmed. 

  • Our traditional bearbeque is also confirmed

  • Key international artists have locked our dates in case conditions and demand are good enough for them to travel and perfom in Gran Canaria. However we cannot promise anything.

  • Our signature social events such as our island tours will not be organized, but we will suggest smaller unofficial outings to those interested. As we did last year, we will use Telegram to update actual visitors in real time about event news, and also unofficial but fun and safe alternatives we discover for you around Maspalomas. If you are sure you will be attending, please join anonimously at

  • Of course, our gay beach, promenades, shopping areas, impressive natural scenery and historical towns are and should be fully open!

  • And yes, tickets for Bear Carnival 2020 will still be valid for equivalent events in 2022, if finally confirmed. If a ticketed event does not take place, it will be possible to ask for a refund or roll on to the next opportunity in 2023.

  • As usual, the online ticket shop will be online few weeks before the event. Please make sure we have your e-mail address so we can update you.

We will release a provisional programme soon anyway, and we hope to see you next March (third time lucky!)

Official poster for Bear Carnival 2022

“Intended” programme.  Please note this is not even a “provisional” programme (that will be released soon). It’s  just a transposition of 2020’s programme onto 2022’s dates. Anyway, it could prove useful for those bears still unfamiliar to our bear week concept.


Your tickets for 2020 will still be valid for 2022. If you need new tickets, please click here and enter your e-mail address. We will update you as soon as the online ticket shop is online (usually a month before the event).


Official accommodation will not change. Actually, all official hotels and bungalows are reporting lots of bookings for the bear week, as expected. Please secure your room if you are planning to come!