What is it?

Short answer: it is both a discount wristband and a priority pass which is highly recommended (and sometimes essential) if you plan to visit more than one ticketed event. It only costs 10 €.

Detailed answer:

  • Elegant and comfortable soft-touch wristband 
  • It costs 10 € but it’s worth much more in discounts. See benefits in the yellow box on this page.
  • It gives priority access both at the door and online. In case of ticket shortage (which is usual) VIPs have priority to get access.
  • This item is also a sort of a donation to the bear week. Our marketing and communication expenses (including the maintenance of this very website) is mostly paid with this.  So thank you for adding one wristband to your order!

How does it Work?

  1. Please make sure you add your VIP wristband to the shopping cart at the online shop (one per person). 
  2. Now book VIP tickets. If you don’t plan to buy a VIP wristband, you must buy Non-VIP tickets only (with no discount at all).
  3. Once in Gran Canaria, please collect your wristband by giving your order number (preferred) or your name at a collection point. A list of collection points is available pm this page (blue box). Just in case, please locate the order receipt we emailed you on your mobile phone or have it printed in paper.
  4. Please show both items (wristband and ticket) when entering the ticketed event. A VIP ticket shown with no VIP wristband will force us to ask for the price difference or ask you to buy a VIP wristband on-site (if stock lasts). This will unnecessarily delay your entry (and everyone else’s).
  5. If you want to enjoy VIP prices at any other partner venue, just show the wristband to the staff.
There should be VIP wristbands for everyone booking online. You can also buy a wristband in person once here, but only while stock lasts and if VIP tickets are still available.

VIP benefits:

  • Priority access to new online bookings and at the door. Many popular events will be difficult to book for without a VIP wristband.
  • 10 € discount on Bear Tantra Workshop
  • 4/6 € discount on boat trips
  • 4 € discount on Bear Brunch 
  • 3 € discount at AxelBeach and Los Almendros pool parties
  • 3 € discount at all three spa evenings
  • 10% discount on food at Buddies and Mardi Gras bar
  • 10% discount on drinks at Mardi Gras bar
  • 2 € discount at Waterpark and Holiday World
  • 1 € discount at official bear events at Basement, Bunker, Reds, Zoo and Strong Construction

    Please note this is just an orientation. The list can vary due to the huge number of events, partner venues and people involved in the bear week. Each venue has the final word on the benefits given at their door.

Collection points for pre-booked wristbands & T-shirts:

  • St Patrickt’s Preparty (FRI 17 @ Basement)
  • Opening Pool Party (SAT 18 @ Los Almendros)
  • Meet & Greet event (SAT 18 @ Barack’Afé)
  • Info-Kiosk behind Kiki Bar (all nights from MON 20)
  • Wet & Hairy Pool Party (FRI 24 @ AxelBeach)

Selling points (while stock lasts!):

  • Boxer:  Yumbo Centre (above pharmacy), 12:00-22:00
  • Kiki Bar: Yumbo Centre (next to Bunker), 23:00-late
  • Staff: our team will bring some extra wristbands for last-minute sales. Look for the guys with the red “Staff” tag at most events.