Hall of fame


Frank (Spain)
Víctor (Spain)
1st runner-up


Freddy (Belgium)
Samuel (Spain)
1st runner-up


Adam (Sweden)
German (Russia)
1st runner-up


Sean (USA)
Bernat (Spain)
1st runner-up


Steve (UK)
Mark (UK)
1st runner-up


Mister Bear Carnival 2022
Aléxandros (Greece)
Jorge (Spain)
1st runner-up


Mister Bear Gran Canaria 2023
Ruairí (UK)
Adam (Poland)
1st runner-up





Sponsored by:

Mister Bear Gran Canaria

The information below refers to the last edition in 2023. This page will be updated for the upcoming edition when details are confirmed.

Friday, March 24th 2023

Venue: Kiki Bar

Free access · Doors open at 20:00 · Competition expectedly starts at 22:00 (approx)

We can still let a few candidates in!

One of the highlights of the bear week programme is always our Mister Bear Gran Canaria competition. Big prizes and, above all, big fun is the greatest award for contestants. The jury is always professionallly related to the bear event and fashion world. Actually, winners and runner-ups are usually chosen to represent Bear Carnival on the advertising campaign for the following edition.

Mister Bear Gran Canaria is held at Kiki Bar, a free access venue (our main venue, actually) so the attendance is usually in the hundreds! Maximum number of candidates is usually around 10, so please register to make sure you can participate!

Prize for the winner
Total value: 500 €+

  • 150€ travel fund by Igon Canaries
  • 150€ voucher for Boxer Store
  • 50€ voucher for CanCanaria excursions
  • 2 x Deluxe tickets for Wet & Hairy Pool Party, including balinese bed and a bottle, courtesy of AxelBeach on Friday 2 (worth 180 €)
  • 1 x free entry to the Disco Boat Trip  (worth 65 €)
  • I x Alpha Madness Pass to Darklands (Antwerp) (worth 145€) + 50 € voucher for merchandising
  • Luxury beard care box from Superfurry
  • Free official Bear Carnival T-shirt (XL)
  • Free shirt from Brighton Bear Weekend (worth 22 €)
  • The official Mister Bear GC leather sash (in deposit)

Prizes for the runner-ups:

  • 1st runer up: 1 x Madness Pass to Darklands (Antwerp) (worth 95€) + 25 € voucher for merchandising

  • 2nd runner up: 1 x Daytime festival ticket for Darklands 2022 (value: € 30)

  • All runner ups:

    • 50€ Voucher for Boxer Store

    • Luxury beard care box from Superfurry

    • 1 x Free Entry to the Main Pool Party – Axel Beach (worth 15 €)

    • Free shirt from Brighton Bear Weekend (worth 22 €)


Gifts for all candidates: 

  • 1 x VIP Bear Carnival Wristband
  • 10€ KiKi Drinks Voucher 
  • Free Entry to afterparty at Bunker