All official venues

Please visit the venues that make this bear week possible!

Every single bear business in Maspalomas has been offered to team up with the partner venues (listed below) for 200 €. That’s the money a busy club can make in 10 minutes. Even then, some bars have preferred to save that money and aggresively compete against the official programme instead.

Rogue bars exist in every gay festival, and of course it’s your decision where to buy your drinks. But please consider this:

When you visit a supporting venue, you are also…

  • Helping the associated charities
  • Motivating our volunteers
  • Rewarding the organizers
  • In short, ensuring the continuity of a great bear week that takes not less than 6 months a year just to be planned.
Every partner bar and restaurant will be clearly signed with the above banner. Thank you very much if you decide to follow the programme!

Official venues at Yumbo Centre

Area map around Yumbo

Full venue List And Links

🍺 Official bars & cafés:

🕺🏻Official disco

🍆 Official sexclubs:

🛏️ Official accomodation:

🛍️ Official stores:

  • Boxer (Yumbo; fetish store and sex shop)
  • Party Party (Aloe Apartments; costumes)

Quick programme

Just a list with the essential schedule and links

Full programme

Schedule with all information: prices, dresscode, etc


What to do if you cannot attend the official programme?

Printed map

Printed version of the programme, with ads of partner businesses