Our Partner charity

Our past charitable efforts have included from reforestation of our forests to local food bank supplies, to help for Ukrainian refugees. This year, we are happy to announce our partnership with Checkpoint Canarias, a new, free and much-needed STD testing and prevention centre in Maspalomas, led by our local LGBT+ community be mean of ABSICAN association.

ABSICAN stands for Sexual Well-Being Association of the Canary Islands. Their team is opening this  permanent, fast and free STD testing and prevention centre in Maspalomas more or less at bear week time. Site has been secured, volunteer medical staff is ready and supplies are on the way. But our help and your donations will be needed to keep it running!

Checkpoint Canarias addresses the pressing need in Maspalomas for:

  • free, fast and anonymous STD diagnosis
  • friendly sexual health care
  • blame-free advice on self protection and best practices

Even when every  sexually active person could benefit from this, we all know gay/bi men are disproportionately affected by sexually transmitted diseases, which are still considered an stigma. For this reason, these men are sometimes reluctant to seek assistance from regular health services and family doctors. That’s why major gay events in Gran Canaria, such as Fetish Pride, Winter Pride and now Bear Carnival are stepping in, asking visitors to give a hand at fundraising events, and informing on this new helpdesk for them.

How can you help?

The bulk of the contribution from our bear community will come the money raised during Mister Gran Canaria event, topped with a part of the income from our official T-shirts. So attending that event or buying an official tee is a simple way to contribute to the well-being of our community. Thank you so much!

Legal registry of ABSICAN:
Asociación de Bienestar Sexual Integral de Canarias

Registro No. G1/S1/26183-22/GC
CIF G72918881

Please click below to access Checkpoint Canarias website: