Mister Bear Gran Canaria

Thursday, March 26th, 2020

at Kiki Bar

Free access · Doors open at 20:00 · Competition starts at 22:00

One of the highlights of the bear week programme is always our Mister Bear Gran Canaria competition. Big prizes and, above all, big fun is the greatest award for contestants. The jury is always professionallly related to the bear event and fashion world. Actually, winners and runner-ups are usually chosen to represent Bear Carnival on the advertising campaign for the following edition.

Mister Bear Gran Canaria will be held on a free access venue (our main venue, actually) so we expect an attendance in the hundreds! Maximum number of candidates is usually around 10, so please register to make sure you can participate!

Prize for the winner

Prizes for 2020 are being decided right now. There were the prizes for 2019 edition.

  • 150 € cash by Igon Canaries
  • 150 € voucher at Boxer
  • Superfurry gift box
  • Free pass for Disco Cruise boat trip (Sunday)
  • Free pass for every official event (except sold out ones)
  • W | Bear app subscription
  • Meal for 2 at Buddies (Yumbo)
  • Professional photo-shoot, and possibility of becoming the image for Bear Carnival 2020


Prizes for the two runner-ups:

  • 50 € voucher at Boxer
  • W | Bear app subscription
  • Free pass for every official event at Bunker and Basement

Gifts for all candidates:

  • VIP wristband
  • Free entry to Mister Bear GC After Party (Bunker)
  • 25% off voucher at Arty Urban online fashion store.

Hall of fame


Frank (Spain) - Winner
Víctor (Spain) - 1st runner-up


Freddy (Belgium) - Winner
Samuel (Spain) - 1st runner-up


Adam (Sweden) - Winner
German (Russia) - 1st runner-up


Sean (USA) - Winner
Bernat (Spain) - 1st runner-up


Steve (UK) - Winner
Mark (UK) - 1st runner-up


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Teror's Main Street


Our capital city Las Palmas de Gran Canaria was founded before America was discovered, and it was a key stop in the colonization route. Get to know the roots of Latin American colonial art on a stroll down the historical quarter of the city, including the Cathedral and a guided visit to the House of Columbus, home to an excellent exhibition on the Discovery. We will have lunch at charming restaurant and then cross the northern lush valleys and get to Teror for a short walk around its historical streets, flanked by noble Canarian houses and religious monuments. We will finish our excursion at the impressive “Black Cathedral” in Arucas, made out of volcanic stone.

Menu will be published soon.