COVID-19: our Sell-A-Kiss fundraising party will no longer be organized. New charitable events for March 2021 are still under study.



UPDATE: 300 € were raised just in hugs and kisses by our visitors last Friday, April 5th 2019 at Basement Studios. This quantity is being topped up by Bear Carnival to finally donate 1.200 € to Elomar, our local food bank. Thank you for your generosity!

This unique bear pool party really helps our charity (Elomar) to get some extra food for families in need… while also being a fun way to break the ice among bears attending Bear Carnival.


How does it work?

  • You arrive to Basement and pay for your entry. Part of that ticket money will be later donated by Basement itself (Igon Canaries SL) to top up your donations.
  • If you decide to “sell” hugs, kisses, massages or whatever, our volunteers will give you an empty “price list”. You take down your starting prices.
  • You also are given a free Bear Carnival bag to collect your “sales”.
  • Other visitors to the pool party will see your price list and request your services. You can of course say “no”, but you must sell at least a hug to anyone willing to pay for it. Collected money should be put in your bag. Once collected in the bag, money should not be taken to “buy”, of course!
  • You can raise or lower your prices anytime… according to demand!
  • Before leaving, you must leave the collected money. We will publish a proof of donation on our social media after the bear week.

Last year, Bear Carnival and Igon Canaries SL donated 750 €, mainly coming from “Sell-A-Kiss” attendees, to the associated charity.

This year's charity

This year’s partner charity is a local food bank called “Elomar”. Many LGBT businesses in Gran Canaria, leaded by Buddies bar and restaurant (Yumbo), already help this independent organization. Their aim is to provide food to underpriviledged families on the island, especially those with children.

100% of the donated money go directly to feed these families (nearly 700 so far), as Elomar is completely operated by volunteers and Town Hall provides free space and utilities.

All of the families they support are vetted and referred to by the local authorities to confirm that they are genuine cases of families in need.