This year’s partner charity is a local food bank called “Elomar”. Many LGBT businesses in Gran Canaria collaborate with this independent organization. Their aim is to provide food to underpriviledged families on the island, especially those with children.  

You can contribute attending our Sell-A-Kiss fundraising pool party on Friday April 5th @ Basement, or directly donating money using the button below.
Thanks for your support!

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Teror's Main Street


Our capital city Las Palmas de Gran Canaria was founded before America was discovered, and it was a key stop in the colonization route. Get to know the roots of Latin American colonial art on a stroll down the historical quarter of the city, including the Cathedral and a guided visit to the House of Columbus, home to an excellent exhibition on the Discovery. We will have lunch at charming restaurant and then cross the northern lush valleys and get to Teror for a short walk around its historical streets, flanked by noble Canarian houses and religious monuments. We will finish our excursion at the impressive “Black Cathedral” in Arucas, made out of volcanic stone.

Menu will be published soon.