11:00 Buses depart from Maspalomas Minigolf Yumbo
11:30 Pick-up stop (5 mins) Airport
12:00 Welcome Campfire
13:30 Canarian lunch Dining hall
15:00 Swimming pool
17:00 Canarian traditional games Sports field
19:00 Dinner Dining hall
21:00 Astronomy: introduction Event hall
21:30 Astronomy: laser-guided stargazing Sports field
22:00 Drinks around the fire Campfire
10:00 Breakfast Dining hall
11:00 Easy hikes Campfire
13:30 Canarian lunch Dining hall
15:00 Swimming pool
17:30 Archery Event hall
19:00 Dinner Dining hall
20:30 Bear movies on big screen Event hall
23:00 Lumberjack party with free beer Main hall
01:00 Bear hunt Forest behind mail hall
10:00 Breakfast Dining hall
12:00 Bears vs Cubs (gymkhana) Campfire
13:00 Barbeque Dining hall
15:00 Swimming pool
17:00 Time off and packing
18:00 Buses depart for airport and Maspalomas Parking lot

We are preparing an extended set of bear parties on the following days in Maspalomas Beach around Yumbo Centre, in partnership with the Canarian gay festival in August, “Maspalomas Summer Fiesta”. This  after-camp programme will be annouced mid-Summer, but you can expect drinks at bear pubs, a pool party, a spa evening, a sex party, and even a boat trip (all depending on demand).

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Teror's Main Street


Our capital city Las Palmas de Gran Canaria was founded before America was discovered, and it was a key stop in the colonization route. Get to know the roots of Latin American colonial art on a stroll down the historical quarter of the city, including the Cathedral and a guided visit to the House of Columbus, home to an excellent exhibition on the Discovery. We will have lunch at charming restaurant and then cross the northern lush valleys and get to Teror for a short walk around its historical streets, flanked by noble Canarian houses and religious monuments. We will finish our excursion at the impressive “Black Cathedral” in Arucas, made out of volcanic stone.

Menu will be published soon.