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  • Sleeping bag is optional but recommended if you are a bit cold-blooded. We will of course provide sheets and blankets for your bed, but even a cheap sleeping bag will probably be more comfortable for you.
  • Comfy clothing, including both short and long sport pants
  • Sport shoes and socks
  • Flip-flops
  • Towel (a beach towel is ok; you can hang it out when wet in the backside of your cabin)
  • Toilet set with everything you may need except soap and toilet paper (we will supply that). This may include your toothbrush, earplugs for light sleepers… Condoms, lube, etc 😛
  • Flashlight
  • Sun protection, cap and sunglasses
  • Small water bottle or canteen (if you plan to walk or hike)
  • Headphones (no loud music please) and power bank for your phone if needed. Electrical outlets are limited.
  • Some change for extra drinks/vending machines.


  • Is this a rural hotel? No, this is a campsite. Please don’t expect any luxury, such as an en-suite bathroom or fine bed lining. Cabins are cosy but very basic, and they only contain six bunk beds and nothing else. Water taps and electricity outlets are found at the communal areas but not inside the cabins.
  • Can we book a private cabin for a couple or a group of friends? We will do our best, but please don’t count on this as it depends on the final number of visitors. Approximately after the 20th-25th booking, we will start accommodating bears from different origins inside the same cabin. Earlier bookings are more likely to get a “private” cabin when a good reason is provided at booking time, but again it’s never guaranteed. Please understand this is a campsite, not a hotel, and after all we’re likeminded adult men just sharing a two-night experience.
  • I’m a heavy snorer/CPAP user and I don’t want to disturb anyone. You can declare that condition on the notes of your booking form, and agree to share your cabin with other heavy snorers. Anyway, that’s why we recommend every light sleeper to bring his ear plugs, just in case! CPAPs or any other electrical appliance cannot be used inside cabins, but we have reserved a room in the staff building for these visitors. 


  • Can I request a special menu? Yes, you won’t starve if you are a vegan, for example 🙂  We will ask for your preferences and allergies before the event, but please understand we will be in the middle of a forest, and the selection of special dishes may be quite limited.
  • What drinks will be available? Tap water should not be drunk. We will give a 5-liter bottle of mineral water to each visitor. At the night party, all beer will be free, and some cold soft drinks and extra booze will also be available for only 1 to 3 euros per drink (please bring some change).


  • What’s the expected weather? August is the hottest month in Gran Canaria (30-32 ºC on the coast is a usual temperature). However, we will be in a forest 1700 m above sea level, so temperature will be more Spring-like. No rain is expected at all. 
  • Is this just for bears? It’s a men-only event, but every bear, friend or admirer is welcome.
  • Will I get bored if I travel alone? This event is ideal for solo travellers. The entire programme is designed to encourage mingling, and all Bear Carnival events are frankly attitude-free, as everyone will tell you.
  • What kind of men do you expect? We are offering both “relaxing” and “wild” activities so bears and friends of all ages, builds and interests feel welcome: bears, cubs, chubs, daddies, musclebears,  admirers… You name it. 
  • What about hooking up? Expect some surprises in some cabins and the dark forest around…
  • Is nudism allowed? Sadly not inside the campsite. However, the surrounding natural park is huge, and naked hiking and sunbathing outside the campsite is perfectly right and legal.
  • How will the night party be? Please have in mind this is not Yumbo Centre, but an experience in the middle of a natural park with lots of daytime activities. The “Lumberjack Party” is just a fun way to meet all bears and finish a very intense day, not a multimedia show. It should close by 1 AM because of environmental laws but it will be fun anyway: all bears hanging around with free beer for everyone, and dancing to disco music and camp classics. “Lumberjack” look is suggested, but there’s really no dress code.
  • Can I smoke? Yes, but only at designated areas. We are in the middle of a forest and we have to be extremely cautious about fire.
  • Can I have drugs? All Bear Carnival events have a strict drug-free policy.


  • How many activities can I attend? Normally there are no limits. However, in case of high demand we may ask for your preferred activities just before the event, and try to accommodate as many people as possible.
  • Can I use my smartphone? If you cannot live without Growlr and WhatsApp just for 48 hours, maybe you need this experience more than anyone else! Your smartphone can be used for music, games and non-connected activities. Headphones and power banks are recommended (the number of electrical outlets is limited). There is no Wi-Fi and mobile signal at the campsite is weak and cannot be guaranteed. There is however a  radio-telephone for internal use and emergencies. 
  • What about showers and toilets? As most campsites, showers and toilets are located at a communal building. Showers have curtains if you need them, and flip-flops should be used. Toilet paper, and shower gel will be available, but please bring a towel and a toilet set with anything else you may need.
  • What about security and left luggage? The campsite will be booked exclusively for our group, so thefts are extremely unlikely. Even then, only one person will be responsible for the key of each cabin. There will also be a left-luggage service where you should leave all your valuables and non essential stuff. 
  • What about medical services? All personnel of the campsite are qualified lifeguards, and of course there is a first aid kit. Ambulances are available in the area and closest medical centre is just 14 km away, in San Mateo. For very serious emergencies, helicopters can land on the campsite and evacuate the patient to a hospital in Las Palmas. If you are a EU citizen, it’s advisable to bring a free European Health Insurance Card.  This will give you full access to the Spanish national health system at no cost. Otherwise, we recommend you to get a private travel insurance.