announced dates: march 6-17

  • Pre-carnival: March 6-8Bear Wellness and pre-parties
  • Bear Week: March 9-17

    We discourage visitors from arriving in or leaving Maspalomas on Saturday March 16th after noon, because of road closures for the Grand Parade.

Confirmed: "post-Carnival days" on March 18-20

Updated: June 17th, 2023

 Maspalomas Carnival 2024 will overlap with our bear week next year. This opens new entertaining opportunities but, at the same time, this has forced us to offer some alternatives for those wanting to completely avoid that event:

  • Only two or three nights of our local Maspalomas Carnival are busy, especially the Grand Parade on Saturday, March 16thWe will offer a set of off-Yumbo events on those nights for those wanting to avoid the hustle.

  • After the bear week, we will offer three “post-carnival” days with a selection of smaller events for those already staying here, or just wanting to come after Maspalomas Carnival for any reason. This will include a new kind of fun boat trip, an island tour, a pub crawl, a pool party, some sex parties… A draft programme will be published in Summer 2024. Please tap on the red button below so we can email it to you as soon as it’s ready.

  • As from 2025, we will move the event to the week just before Easter (meaning: April). This will avoid any future unplanned overlapping with other local events.