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To be confirmed: "post-Carnival days"

Updated: May 14th, 2023

We are not changing the announced dates or the usual programme of the bear week. However, Maspalomas Carnival 2024 is expected to overlap with our event. That’s why you should know the following:

  • Weekdays during Maspalomas Carnival are not really busy, apart from some free animation from Yumbo’s stage.

  • However, the Grand Parade on Saturday, March 16th will be massive and possibly not pleasant for all our visitors. On that day, we will offer some events away from the Parade and even Yumbo. We also discourage visitors from arriving in or leaving Maspalomas on that day after noon, because of road closures.

  • We asked our community on a survey and at our social media. We received tons of polarized feedback but also a few good ideas on how to manage this. The likely outcome is the addition of three or maybe four “post-carnival days”. They would include some additional pool parties, boat trips, island tours, spa evenings, cruising nights and pub crawls for those wanting to completely avoid Maspalomas Carnival. This would be just a addition, not detrimental for those coming strictly to the bear week.

  • Another likely consequence will be a different date from 2025. We will probably move the event to the week just before Easter. If we receive enough visitors, we could even beef it up to a two-week format in the future.

We don’t see any risk of “dillution” of the bear week because of this possible decisions, as most tickets were sold out anyway on last edition… and 40% of visitors already book for 12 days or more!

When will this be confirmed?

As soon as possible, and before mid-June in any case.
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