Introductory workshop on Gay Tantra for bears and friends.
Price: 65 €. Incl. transportation and lunch.
Thursday, March 5th, 2015. 11:00h to 18:00h (approx.) Pick-up at 10:30 at Yumbo Centre (mini-golf, Avda. EE.UU.) The workshop will take place on Rancho Tara5 mins from Maspalomas

This workshop will be one of the most intense experiences during your holidays in Gran Canaria, no matter if you are coming alone or with your partner.  Erotic massages among men can be given in different ways: we have chosen the ancient Indian therapy called “tantra”, and its modern evolution, the “neo-tantra”. This is just an introductory workshop, so we have excluded any reference to the sacred origins of tantra from our programme. We will only focus on its generic physical and emotional aspects.


Our objetive will be to learn how to use our enormous sexual energy as a source of relaxation, communication and recovery, for ourselves and for those we care of. Specifically, we will teach you:

  • How to deeply relax yourself, thanks to body posture and breath control.
  • How to use and arouse all your body and senses along the whole loving experience.
  • How to massage and use your touch to modulate sexual energy, so both you and your lover enjoy the most complete sexual experience.
  • The concept of tantric adoration: the pleasure of the complete dedication.
  • How to listen to your body and your mind, accepting and satisfying your true needs.
  • How to reduce the usual energy and emotional blocks most men suffer, and especially gay men and gay bears in particular.
  • In short: how to get closer to your true spirituality by means of a more sensorial and complete sexuality, very different from the simple and mechanical act of excitement, penetration and ejaculation we are used to.

Make new friends in an atmosphere of intimacy, honesty and liberation, where tantra will be the tool to transform your sexual energy into self-discovery and relaxation. Learn and share a life-changing experience with a group of men like you, based on breathing, massage and the stimulation of our otherwise weakened senses.  Thanks to tantra, you are going to discover how to unblock and free your authentic self, using sensuality, conscious touch and pleasure. At the same time you will be learning new sexual modulation techniques that will help you to evolve into a better lover and person. The sexual energy and its incredible power, nudity, the absence of labels and taboos, will lead you along this transformation.

 The workshop, step-by-step
  • Pick-up at Yumbo shopping centre. We will arrive to Rancho Tara in less than 10 mins.
  • Access to the activity tent and welcome tea.
  • First part of the workshop.
  • Lunch with fresh local products.
  • Second part of the workshop
  • Farewell tea
  • Back to Yumbo shopping centre. 

 What should I bring with me?
  • Towel and flip-flops for showering
  • Sarong (much more comfy than a towel!)

  • Is this a sex party? No. 

  • What about penetration? There will be no penetration of any kind or degree. We will only use hands and touch, even though we will touch and massage all our bodies.

  • Is nudity compulsory? No, but the experience will be much more complete without clothes. At the beginning, we all will be wearing a sarong. Later on it’s advisable to get naked for comfort. According to our experience, even the most shy guys forget their inhibitions when they manage to relax. This usually happens very soon.

  • Are erections common? In the West, masculine arousal is centered on the penis. However we will teach you a new kind of stimulation that you will feel across all your body, and for several hours. That’s why many guys don’t have an erection during the whole workshop. However, other do. In fact, it’s completely unimportant.

  • Will we ejaculate? None of us should ejaculate during the workshop, or in the following few hours. We will explain why, when inner energies are discussed in the workshop.

  • Is it a problem to have a closed relationship? No. Couples can choose if they center their attention on each other, or if they open up to the group.

  • What’s the right attitude? We all will have intimate contact with all men in the workshop (except closed couples). Our age and beauty are irrelevant in a tantra workshop. Erotic massage is a giving act: offer your most positive attitude and you will get the same, but multiplied by each of the members of the group.  If you are especially attracted to someone, please don’t center your attention on him; you will have plenty of time to get to know him better just after the workshop.  Getting an integrate group with no barriers is key for mutual enrichment. The friendly and inclusive mindset of the bear community should reinforce this experience.

  • What if I don’t feel comfortable? All previous instructions must be followed under the tent. If you don’t feel comfortable with them, you can always have a walk in the ranch, read in the chill-out area and enjoy a fantastic lunch. However, this has never happened to us.

  • What about the hygiene? We will take hygiene to the extreme in this workshop. We have hot water showers available for us, that we will use several times along the day.

  • Is this just for bears? No, though we will pay special attention to the values and masculine features of this community. Any gay or bisexual man who is comfortable among bears is very welcome.

  • Who is in charge of the workshop? A prestigious professional with a University degree in Physio-therapy, many years of experience, and a specific education in tantric massage.

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