Grand Pirate Disco-Cruise
Price: 54 €. Incl. transfer, lunch and most drinks.
March 7th 2015. Pick-up at 12:30, at Yumbo Shopping Centre's minigolf (Avda. EE.UU.) You will be back at Yumbo Centre at 18:00 approx.

One of our main parties takes place in a boat... but not any boat, but a replica of a pirate galleon from 17th century... retrofitted as a floating disco for our event!  
Fraggel Pop's DJ set from Madrid promises a memorable session with their funny music, in tune with a pirate bear carnival! After our bus picks up our bucaneers at Yumbo Centre, the cruise will depart from Puerto Rico and head to the West coast of the island. As soon as we leave the marina, music will start and the bar will open. Most drinks will be free for the whole cruise, and we will serve lunch (a tasty paella!) mid-way. The views of the cliffs are spectacular, but you´ll probably pay more attention to the wild party at the dancefloor, the deck and the bar.  

Once we reach our destination you may swim in the open sea. We have also negotiated a 50% discount for jet-skies, banana rides and other crazy stuff from the same boat! We will sail back to Puerto Rico in the late afternoon, quite probably still laughing and taking silly selfies. Another bus will take us back to Yumbo Centre. 

Practical information:
  • It´s a funny party and not a sex party, though this being Gran Canaria... things sometimes get a bit wild. You shouldn't be surprised to see an occasional dancing bare-assed corsair next to you. Any way, we have set up a play area at the hold of the boat, to satisfy those urges.

  • Of course, full costumes are not compulsory, but if you get at last an eye patch or a pirate hat you will blend better with the hilarious ambience around you. You have information on costumes at our FAQ page, and anyway we will sell some pirate stuff at mere cost at the party.

  • If you want to swim in the open sea, please bring swimwear (optional), towel and flip flops. There's no cloakroom, so we suggest that you don't bring any valuable with you.

  • Waters are very calm in this area, and they don't usually cause any nausea to anyone. 

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