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PRE-PARTY: Saturday 5/3/16, 22:30h

  • Saturday, March 5th, 22:30
  • Meeting point: Bunker club (Yumbo Centre, ground floor)
  • Price: 12 € (one drink incl.) Free lockers.
  • Dress code: anything goes. Fetish suggested.
  • Music: house session by DJ Paul Coals
  • Porn show by Justin West (Triga Films)

Twisted’s a cruise party for bear and friends of all ages to come together and have fun on the dancefloor, and get a bit... well, twisted!. This British team producing this event will be proudly kicking off Gran Canaria’s Bear Carnival week at Bunker Club. This is an “all fetishes welcome” party for bears, jocks, muscle boys, leather men, rubber guys, and pretty much anyone into fetish and kink. Explore three floors of sweaty masculine action, two bars, lockers, playrooms, labyrinths, cabins, and mazes. The internationally renowned Paul Coals (Hustlaball, Megawoof and Brüt) will be playing an extended set and Triga Bear pornstar Justin West will be showing off his assets.

Monday 7/3/16


  • Monday, March 7th, 12:00
  • Meeting point: around Kiosk number 7 @ Maspalomas Beach (see location)
  • Price: FREE!
  • Dress code: it’s a clothing-optional beach!

If you came early for Bear Carnival, maybe you’ll want to chill out with us at the gay beach in Maspalomas, around kiosk number 7, so you’re rested when the bear week is at full speed! Look for the guys with the Bear Carnival accreditation around their necks!  Our friendly staff will be there to answer any question on Bear Carnival, Maspalomas or Gran Canaria. If this is your first visit, they will gladly help you to orientate in our huge resort, and to choose the events you will enjoy the most.



Sponsored by URS Wearbear

  • Monday, March 7th, 16:00
  • Meeting point: Sky Bar @AxelBeach Maspalomas. Calle Timple (see route from Yumbo)
  • Price: FREE!
  • Dresscode: none
  • Music: elegant, summertime deep house session by DJ Meier
  • Cruising area: no

We will welcome all our guests with a free glass of the Spanish typical cocktail, “Sangria” at the fabulous Sky Bar by the pool and gardens of AxelBeach Maspalomas. You can use the showers (useful if you came directly from the beach), swimming pool, sauna and rest of the facilities if you want to! The new bear fashion brand “URS” will showcase their range of casual wear and bring free gifts to all the attendees. Bear Carnival team will be there to give you free personal advice on what to do during the week. Last minute tickets for main events and excursions will also be available.


  • Monday, March 7th, 18:30
  • Meeting point: AxelBeach Maspalomas, main entrance. Calle Timple (see route from Yumbo)
  • Price: FREE! (group discount at partner costume shops)

Imagine a bunch of hairy blocky blockes trying fancy dresses and shopping funny Western stuff across Maspalomas! Much more entertaining than shopping alone, right? Moreover, we have partnered with local costume shops so we get a 10-15% group discount when shopping together. Each shop is a 5-7 minute walk from AxelBeach Maspalomas hotel: Party Party (see route) and Bazar Ani (see route).


Last year's pictures

  • Monday, March 7th, 23:00
  • Meeting point: KISS dance club, Yumbo Centre (above Bunker club).
  • Price: 10 € at the door (incl. one drink)
  • Dress code: Western accessories or costume suggested.
  • Music: funny dance music and camp classics by DJ Ansfrid
  • Cruising area: not tonight

The first Western-themed party of the week will also be the final ice-breaker, thanks to the free, optional labels with your name, spoken languages and “intentions”: red labels meaning “not available”, yellow labels for “maybe available” men, and green labels for “available” guys... We must add that 80% of the requested labels on last edition where… yes, you guessed it, GREEN, with some of red and yellow tags being replaced with green ones as the good vibe and funny music eased any nerves. Ready to dance to some camp classics with your new cowboy hat on? Let’s get the party started! Yeee-haaaah!

Tuesday 8/3/16

LANDSCAPE TOUR (Tejeda, Roque Bentayga)
Last year's pictures

  • Tuesday, March 8th, departs at 11:00 (please be there at least 15 minutes earlier)
  • Duration: 6-7 hours
  • Meeting point: Minigolf Yumbo (Avenida de Estados Unidos, opposite Basement)
  • Price: 59 € (including international lunch and guided visit)
  • Limited seats. Last year this tour was sold out really early, so booking is strongly recommended.

We will leave Maspalomas and get to Tejeda, in the very heart of the island, to discover its astonishing mountain landscape. After arriving to this picture-postcard village, we will have lunch like burly cowboys at “Let Me Take U”, a singular salad bar, lounge and rural hostel which is popular among local bears. This year we have introduced some Spanish cuisine in the menu. Later on we will visit Roque Bentayga in a guided visit. The sacred mountain of the Canarian aboriginals features a small but interesting museum. After a short walk in the area enjoying the views, we will finally go back to the coast driving a different but equally spectacular road.


Starter options:

  • Gazpacho with mint
  • Cream of tomato with fresh ginger soup
  • Cream of carrots with coconut milk soup

Plate of local goat cheese from the Bentayga rock with dried fruits and dates

 Main course options:

  • Hake with oyster sauce, Chinese celery and glass noodles. 
  • Chicken with oriental vegetables and Basmati rice 
  • Vegetarian option: vegetable quiche with spinachs and almonds

Home made desserts:

  • Panacota with pineapple and caramel
  • Almond cake

Coffee or tea 

Drinks: one glass of wine or beer or soft drink per person. Spanish wine options: 

  • White: Antea Rioja
  • Red: Marqués de Cáceres (ecologic)
  • Rosé: Excellence 

Bread and water always on the table

 Buy tickets 



  • Tuesday, March 8th, 21:30
  • Meeting point: Bärenhöhle, Yumbo Centre (ground floor). Continues at Miau, Na Und and Tom’s.
  • Price: FREE!
  • Dress code: none
  • Cruising area: small dark rooms at most pubs

Bear Carnival team will personally guide you across four terrace bars for bears, daddies and admirers at Yumbo Centre, beginning with the funniest. The pub crawl will start at the classic and oldest bear bar in town, Bärenhöhle, where you will admire its crazy teddy bear décor and funny camp music in the background. The second stop will be Na Und, the World-famous and always packed terrace bar for daddies. Expect anything from its lighthearted atmosphere, maybe an improvised Waltz dance for men, or a flamenco dance show from local daddies, for example. We will continue to Miau, new to the Yumbo Centre even if it’s a re-opening of the Canary Islands’ oldest bear bar, originally located in Las Palmas (so expect some local vibe!) As it gets late, we’ll visit a sexier and darker bar, Tom’s. Its cruisy atmosphere will prepare you for the sex party afterwards.


  • Tuesday, March 8th, 00:30
  • Meeting point: Zoo sex club (Avenida de Tirajana, under Barbados apartments; 300 m from Yumbo; see route)
  • Price: 8 € (incl. one drink) at the door.
  • Dress code: underwear or naked.
  • Music: house

This is our only strict “underwear or naked” dresscoded night, so don’t miss it if you’re into hardcode group sex, sex clubs and this kind of stuff. After last year’s huge success, Bear Carnival welcomes again the legendary “F.U.R.” sex session for bears and admirers. This time, the chosen club is Zoo, the newest sex venue in Maspalomas, and a hit among mid-age good looking masculine men. Hot bearish staff, big play areas with many original “amenities”, both private and public rooms, clean anal and body shower facilities, and spectacular lighting make the place look more like a sex theme park than a regular sex club. Free condoms and lube available at the bar.

Wednesday 9/3/16

See last year's pictures

  • Wednesday, March 9th, 12:00
  • Meeting point: Tropical La Zona bungalows (Avenida Sargentos Provisionales, 18). See route from Yumbo.
  • Price: 8 € (incl. one drink) at the door. Basic menu available at low prices.
  • Dress code: clothing-optional
  • Music: commercial dance by DJ Ansfrid              
  • Cruising area: yes

This is a smaller version of our legendary Wet & Hairy (please see Saturday’s schedule). It also costs less (only 8 €). Unlike Wet & Hairy, it takes place in a cozy, clothing-optional swimming pool where bears usually get together very easily, usually not on sunbeds but in towels around the pool. Music will also be a bit quieter. If you’re into that, expect some hot action in the cruising area behind the outdoor gym.


  • Wednesday, March 9th, 21:00
  • Meeting point: Basement Studios (Avenida de Estados Unidos, opposite Minigolf Yumbo)
  • Price: 5 € (or free if you bought the daytime ticket). Lockers available at no cost
  • Dress code: none
  • Cruising area: definitely yes

You’ve just arrived and ordered your favourite drink, while your eyes adjust to the dimness of this eerie moonless night. The only light comes from hundreds of candles reflecting on the swimming pool. Shadows of manly silhouettes in the walls awake your senses. A couple is kissing at the door of the open-air, lantern-lit maze in front of you. A distant, low rumbling groan comes from inside. You instinctively start to walk. 

This is a unique cruising experience under the stars, at the World’s only bungalow complex fully devoted to safe gay cruising and sexual freedom: Basement Studios. Of course, you can just have a drink at the terrace and enjoy the magic atmosphere from some distance… but later on you may be tempted to experience the different outdoor play areas populated with other furry night creatures. A perfect start for an intense night, continuing at our biggest club session yet…


  • Wednesday March 9th, 23:00
  • Meeting point: Mood Club. Tropical Shopping Centre (far-left entrance). Next to Avenida de Italia bus station. 1700 metres from Yumbo Centre (see route)
  • Price: 10 € (one drink incl.)
  • Dress code: none
  • Cruising area: yes (behind the courtains)
  • Music: house session by DJ Morlex

This is our biggest-ever dance club event so far! We have chosen a new disco with a bigger dancefloor, better sound, nice lighting system and spectacular visuals. Friendly security and waiting staff, regular drink prices, comfy lounge area and a discreet cruising zone will complete the experience.

Our host tonight will be Bear Pride Barcelona, Spain’s newest bear event, starting just nine days after Bear Carnival. Our guests will dance to the beat of DJ Morlex, his resident DJ who has also rocked our bodies and souls at most remarkable bear events in Madrid, Barcelona, Dublin and Amsterdam.

Thursday 10/3/16

GRAND COLONIAL TOUR (Las Palmas / Teror)

  • Thursday, March 10th. Bus departs at 12:00 (please be there at least 15 minutes earlier)
  • Duration: 6-7 hours
  • Meeting point: Minigolf Yumbo (Avenida de Estados Unidos, opposite Basement)
  • Price: 65 € (including luxury Spanish lunch and guided visits)

Our capital city Las Palmas de Gran Canaria was founded before America was discovered, and it was a key stop in the colonization route. Get to know the roots of Latin American colonial art on a stroll down the historical quarter of the city, including the Cathedral and a guided visit to the House of Columbus, where the great sailor stayed, and home to an excellent exhibition on the Discovery. We will enjoy a Spanish lunch (with a Canarian twist) at Casa Montesdeoca, a luxurious and charming open-air restaurant located at one of the Canary Islands’ oldest courtyards (16th century). Finally, we will cross the northern lush valleys and get to Teror for a short walk around its historical streets, flanked by noble Canarian houses and religious monuments.


Canarian jacket potatoes with red and green “mojo” sauces.

Local cheese with quince jelly, marmalade and fruit  

Starter options
  • Octopus salad with cherry tomatoes, capers and olives 
  • Canarian goat cheese with zucchini carpaccio with truffle oil 
  • Caramelized Canarian figs with avocado tartare 
  • Aubergine tempura with Canarian palm-tree syrup.     
Main course options
  • Beef cheeks stew with spinachs, pine nuts and raisins 
  • “Pil-pil” cod with vegetables (Basque especialty)     
Home-made desserts
  • Several cakes, crumbles, mousses and other options available     
Wine: one bottle for each group of four people. Options:
  • Red: Montecillo Rioja 
  • White: Optimus Verdejo     
Other drinks: water, beer, soft drinks and coffee included.  

 Buy tickets 


See last year's pictures

  • Thursday, March 10th, 20:30
  • Meeting point: Villas Blancas restaurant, Calle Turoperador Tjaereborg, 46 (a 5-6 minute taxi drive from Yumbo Centre; see route).
  • Live music show by Marc Canto
  • Price: 21,95 €
  • Please book one or two days before at e-mail heavengc@gmail.com or phone/Whatsapp number +34 651 652 832.

Enjoy an exquisite, upmarket BBQ-style buffet next to Villas Blancas pool and lounge, followed by an entertaining live music show from Dutch tenor Marc Canto. He will delight our bear guests with pieces from musicals, light pop, etc. 

See last year's pictures

Candidates: registration is complete. Sorry but we cannot accept more candidates.

  • Thursday, March 10th, 23:45 (candidates should be there at 23:30)
  • Meeting point: Construction bar, Yumbo Centre, ground floor.
  • Price: FREE!
  • Dress code: none
  • Conducted by Lobo and DJ Mikael Angel

A dynamic and completely renewed Mister Bear Carnival show will be held at Construction terrace bar. Prizes will include:

All contestants:

  • 15 € gift voucher at Big Bulky Bear
  • 15 € gift voucher at Boxer


  • 200 € in cash thanks to Construction
  • 80 € gift voucher at Big Bulky Bear
  • 80 € gift voucher at Boxer
  • Three nights accommodation and VIP access to International Bear Bash in Florida (Oct 2016), thanks to Twisted.
  • VIP Pass to Bear Carnival
  • Big Bear Brunch at MAUU (Sunday 13th)
  • Free apparel by URS
  • Professional photo session by UXXS Magazine
1st runner-up
  • 50 € gift voucher at Big Bulky Bear 
  • 50 € gift voucher at Boxer
  • Free apparel by URS
  • VIP Pass to Bear Carnival
  • Big Bear Brunch at MAUU (Sunday 13th)

2nd runner-up
  • 30 € gift voucher at Big Bulky Bear
  • 30 € gift voucher at Boxer
  • Free apparel by URS
  • VIP Pass to Bear Carnival
  • Big Bear Brunch at MAUU (Sunday 13th)

A professional jury from some of the biggest names in gay media, modelling and clothing for bears will pre-select the candidates, for the audience to choose from. The winner will also have the opportunity to become the image for the heavily advertised Bear Carnival 2017!

The philosophy behind: Bear Carnival’s team is trying to revive the original inclusive nature of bear events, somewhat lost in the past 10 or 15 years (in our humble opinion). For example, our Mister Bear Carnival contest welcome every single type of bear as long he’s happy on his shoes, and able to relay that good vibe from the stage. So 18-99yo bears, cubs, wolves, otters, chubs, polar bears, panda bears, silver daddies, leather daddies, muscle bears and every other possible member of our tribe will be given the opportunity to entertain or at least charm the audience. At the end… original Mister Bear contests were supposed to be a parody (repeat with us: PA-RO-DY) of regular beauty contests. So please don’t take it too seriously and always remember: it’s all about fun!

Friday 11/3/16

  • Friday, March 11th. Bus departs at 12:00.
  • Meeting point: Minigolf Yumbo (Avenida de Estados Unidos, opposite Basement). We can arrange an earlier free transfer from your hotel in Maspalomas if necessary.
  • Duration: 1 hour excursion + transfer = 2 hours.
  • Price: 38 €. Max 13 people, so please book in advance.
  • Dress code: Western accessories or costume suggested

There’s no real Western party without horses! This excursion will take our group to a horse ranch located in El Salobre rural area, a 15 minute drive from Maspalomas (see route). Of course it’s just a suggestion but… can you imagine how funny could your pics be if we all wear some Western stuff that day? :-) 

No riding experience is necessary. We will choose the ideal horses for everyone (oversize bears are welcome) and ride them to the rocky valley surrounding the ranch for a 1-hour long trail with nice views over the coast below. Bus transfer is included.

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“DOCTOR WOOF” SHOW @Ricky’s Cabaret
See last year's pictures

  • Friday March 11th, 21:00 . Please be early as last year we ran out of seats in less than 30 minutes.
  • Meeting point: Ricky’s Cabaret. Yumbo Centre, ground floor.
  • Price: FREE!
  • Dresscode: none
  • Music: as camp as it could possibly get, darling.

Powerful live singer, comedian, showman, oversized bear drag artist… Doctor Woof is as difficult to define as hard to avoid, as he’s always a staple of our programme (and on our ass)… Anyway you obviously loved every minute of his last shows in Bear Carnival 2015… so we had to comply (again) with the glittering pink piano in his bedroom, the bathtub full of pearls, and the rest of crazy riders from this London underworld’s diva. Expect some brutally funny entertainment together with the hilarious Ricky’s artistic team... and some new surprises for our bear guests!



  • Friday March 11th, 23:00
  • Meeting point: KISS dance club + Bunker cruising club (both are linked by internal stairs). Yumbo Centre, ground floor.
  • Price: 12 € (one drink incl) at the door.
  • Dress code: none.
  • Music: house session by DJ Hifi Sean at upstairs disco.
  • Cruising: ticket gives you full access to Bunker sexclub downstairs.

If you have never heard of Bearracuda, you probably have not set foot on North America’s bear scene… ever. Bearracuda is simply the World’s largest bear party tour, after successfully rocking the local bear scene in more than 40 cities across the USA, Canada and more recently Europe. Bear Carnival is happy to introduce Bearracuda in Spain for the first time! This grand opening deserves an equally grand master of ceremonies: Hifi Sean, one of Bearracuda’s star DJs who will be responsible to shake your body on KISS’ dancefloor. In case the upstairs club and sound are not enough for you, the ticket will also give you access to the cruising area downstairs, the legendary Bunker sexclub.


Saturday 12/3/16

WET & HAIRY: Europe’s biggest bear pool party!
@AxelBeach Maspalomas.
See last year's pictures

  • Saturday March 12th, 12:00
  • Meeting point: AxelBeach Maspalomas. Calle Timple (a 3 min walk from Yumbo Centre; see route)
  • Price: 10 € (one drink incl) at the door. Extra beer: 3 €. Three menu choices (nice food + drink) for an additional 10€.
  • Dresscode: swimwear
  • Music: dance and funny music from DJ Ansfrid and DJ Meier.
  • Cruising area: yes (new!)

Imagine the typical bear pool party, but now add some unique extras such as FREE sauna, Haman and Jacuzzis, sun loungers for everyone with pool-side waiters, and a huge terrace lounge garden where you can enjoy a fantastic meal with your bear friends. After the huge success of our last Wet & Hairy on November 2015, we just decided to re-edit the same party and just polish some details: more waiters, more menu choices, and new cruising area by popular demand. The result: Europe’s biggest bear poor party is waiting for you!

@ Sioux City theme park (exclusively for us!)

 Buy early tickets  with 15 € discount till March 7th!
  • Saturday March 12th, 19:00 to 0:00
  • Meeting point: AxelBeach Maspalomas main entrance (calle Timple). Free bus service to Sioux City starts at 18.30. If you prefer, you can also drive or take a taxi to Sioux City (a 10-12 min ride from Maspalomas; see route)
  • Music: dance and funny music from DJ Ansfrid
  • Dress code: Western accessories or costume suggested
  • Cruising: sex is not allowed in the theme park.  

Prices (transport, access to park, exclusive bear shows, disco party, all-you-can-eat BBQ buffet and one drink):

  •  45 €  (online pre-sale till March 7th  ; that's 15 € cheaper than same-day ticket!)
  • 50 € (online sale and physical ticket sale at Basement Studios till March 11th )
  • 60 € (same-day, last-minute physical ticket sale at AxelBeach Maspalomas, from 11:00 till bus departure, and at Sioux City’s ticket office)
  • Inexpensive extra drinks: Beer 2,50€, soft drinks 3 €, rum + soft drink 4,50 €, whiskey + soft drink 4,50 €, coffee 2 €.

NOTE: this is a truly once-in-a-lifetime event. We think a five-hour long exclusive production like this (no matter if bear or not) has never been attempted. Never, ever, in the whole World. So please understand the scope of such a unique experience, well beyond a regular “bear party”. Read below!

 “Sioux City” is a theme park located at the outskirts of Maspalomas. It recreates a American Western town in the 19th century with incredible detail. We are closing it just for ourselves and transforming it into Bear West City. But… what’s inside?

  • A living city: an interactive show with 360° action, designed by Bear Carnival and performed by a huge team of 20+ actors, including drag talent from Ricky’s Cabaret. The result is a living town that surrounds you, talks to you, and invites you to explore it, maybe walking, or maybe riding (!), but always having fun. Things are constantly happening around you, but you have just arrived and should pay attention!

  • A drama: something really astonishing is about to take place, and you are going to be part of it!

  • A game: there’s no Western drama without a big cash reward. Are you bold enough?

  • A dinner: enough with the drama! We’re soon celebrating and you’re invited to an all-you-can-eat BBQ buffet!

  • A comedy: the City Theater opens for all dwellers, and the celebration continues with a brand-new comedy show starring Doctor Woof in his final appearance this week.

  • A funny dance party: Bear West City has the best Saloon in the whole state! The bar is open and serving drinks at 19th Century prices. DJ Ansfrid leads the crowd to the grand finale this imaginary town deserves… with a big surprise at the end!

 Buy early tickets  with 15 € discount till March 7th!
Sponsored by Ricky’s Cabaret 


Sponsored by Boxer

  • Saturday, March 12th, 1:00
  • Meeting point: KISS dance club + Bunker cruising club (both are linked by internal stairs). Yumbo Centre, ground floor.
  • Price: 10 € (incl. one drink)
  • Dress code: none, but at least expect some cowboy hats!
  • Cruising: ticket gives you full access to Bunker sex club downstairs.
  • Music: dance music by DJ Meier at upstairs disco.

Still want to party after our evening event? Let’s get a bit more intense and break the dancefloor of KISS club! DJ Meier (AxelBeach’s resident) will offer a late night dance and happy house session to finish our most intense day in the entire schedule of Bear Carnival 2016. If you are after a hotter experience, Bunker sex club will be fully accessible for you downstairs, without leaving the building.

Sunday 13/3/16


  • Sunday, March 13th, 9:00 – 14:00
  • Meeting point: MAUU Café, Cita Shopping Centre (Avenida de Francia), top floor. See route from Yumbo (950 m).
  • Price: 12,50 €.
  • Please book in advance at MAUU (you must go in person).

We know, we know. Yesterday’s triple set of bear parties left you exhausted! So we chose Gran Canaria’s most famous brunch for you to recover. The list of salads, pastries, cakes, marmalades, cheeses, fruits, nuts and many other delicacies at MAUU’s buffet is too long to be told here. Just let us promise this will be the best breakfast (or early lunch!) of your entire holiday… and surrounded by your new bear friends! 


See last year's pictures

  • Sunday, March 13th
  • 13:00 Cava reception at Basement Studios (Avenida de Estados Unidos)
  • 13:30 Bus departs for Puerto Rico’s marina (Puerto Base; see route
  • 18:00 Bus returns to Maspalomas
  • Dress code: any costume (Western or not) or funny accessory suggested
  • Music: funny dance and camp session by DJ Ansfrid.
  • Price: 54 € (transfer, cruise, meal and most drinks included).
  • Cruising: unbelievably, yes (dark room designed by our team, available in the ship’s hold)

Our Pirate Disco-Cruise was the pinnacle event of last year’s Bear Carnival. We did not plan to sail on this boat again, but it’s back by popular demand! Imagine an awesome replica galleon, retrofitted as a floating disco, full with bears in costumes, dancing to funny music while cruising the spectacular Southern coast of Gran Canaria. Once on the sea, swimming and some extra activities will be available, such as jet skis and banana rides at discount prices.

Early booking is strongly recommended, as we sold out this event last year!

 Buy tickets 


LUXURY BEAR SPA (exclusively for us!)

  • Sunday, March 13th. 19:00 – 21:00
  • Meeting point: Vital Suites Spa. Avenida de Gran Canaria, 80 (a 5-min walk from Yumbo Centre – see route).
  • Dress code: swimwear at the main pool, clothing-optional in the rest of the facilities.
  • Price: 17 €, including flip-flops, lockers and towels.
  • Cruising: sex is strictly not allowed

Forget the usual sauna event… We have rented a whole spa exclusively for our bears! It features a 500 sq mt Thalasso pool (34° C), Jacuzzis, aromatherapy showers, big hamman and Finnish sauna, among other relaxing experiences. Swimwear is only necessary at the main pool, so you can go naked if you wish in the rest of the facilities.

Early booking is strongly recommended, as we sold out this event last year!

 Buy tickets 



  • Sunday, March 13th, 23:00
  • Meeting point: KISS dance club + Bunker cruising club (both are linked by internal stairs). Yumbo Centre, ground floor.
  • Price: 12 € (incl. one drink)
  • Dress code: none
  • Music: house session by DJ Neixon at upstairs disco.
  • Cruising: ticket gives you full access to Bunker sexclubs downstairs.

Mad.Bear is Europe’s largest bear week and our main partner in Madrid. This festival has been held every December for 15 years in a row, while their Summer edition (“Mad.Bear Beach”) is a hit in Costa del Sol each August.

Neixom is their resident DJ-star with a skyrocketing career as a music producer, composer and mixer… and a regular guest artist in Bear Carnival events around the country. You can bet he will amaze the crowd on this last dance event in Bear Carnival 2016. See you at KISS dancefloor!

Monday 14/3/16

See last year's pics

  • Monday, March 14th, 11:00
  • Meeting point: Basement Studios (Avenida de Estados Unidos, opposite Minigolf Yumbo)
  • Price: 10 € (incl. one drink). Free lockers available.
  • Music: house session by DJ Paul Coals
  • Dress code: naked or jockstraps!
  • Cruising: across the whole complex!

It’s the last day, so leave your inhibitions at home and get ready for some naked fun under the Sun! This is our only daytime sex party! Cruise around the pool and well-equipped play areas, or just sunbathe, relax and have a light lunch at the restaurant. Our host, the “Twisted” team from the UK, is bringing their main DJ Paul Coals to round the experience with a hot sound track to this already hot party!  


  • Monday, March 14th, 19:00
  • Meeting point: Restaurante OK, Avenida de Tirajana 19 (150 m from Yumbo Centre; see route)
  • Price: not set menu; just pay for your order at the end.
  • Bookings: please write before March 14th to events@igoncanaries.com with your name, phone and number of guests.

This is an informal dinner with the whole Bear Carnival team, in case you want to personally tell us your experience, do business together or just say hello with an exquisite dinner at a nice setting. Restaurante OK is a prestigious but reasonably priced restaurant with a unique specialty in creative Scandinavian cuisine.



  • Monday, March 14th, 21:00
  • Meeting point: Ricky’s Cabaret. Yumbo Centre, ground floor.
  • Price: FREE!
  • Dress code: none
  • Music: camp classics

Enjoy a hilarious closing show to Bear Carnival, including some surprises from the audience itself. Maybe your own little debut in the show business? Or you couldn’t possibly do that? Well, the girls from Ricky’s Cabaret can be very convincing! 



  • Monday, March 14th, 22:30
  • Meeting point: Basement Studios (Avenida de Estados Unidos, opposite Minigolf Yumbo)
  • Price: 5 € (or free if you bought the daytime ticket). Lockers available at no cost
  • Dress code: none
  • Cruising area: yes

This is a smaller version of last Wednesday’s “New Moon Cruising Night” at Basement Studios. Enjoy a drink and the ambience of sexual freedom under the stars at our terrace, pool, maze, and play areas.

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